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29 de septiembre de 2017

Course: Geometric Morphometrics. 2018. Berlin

5-9 March 2018
Introductory and intermediate geometric morphometrics.
Berlin, Germany.


Queensland University of Technology (Brisbane, Australia)

5 March 2018

Geometric morphometrics: overview and potential applications:

-       Traditional and geometric morphometrics
-       An overview of common analyses
-       Examples of geometric morphometrics applied to biological problems

>From biological objects to numerical representation:

-       Overview of typical devices used to digitalise biological objects
-       Landmarks, semilandmarks, outlines and surfaces - different types of 
geometric morphometric data
-       Most commonly used geometric morphometric software
-       Data quality, most common pitfalls in study design and data acquisition

6 March 2018

Generalized Procrustes analysis (GPA) – the core of most geometric 

Principal component analysis (PCA)

Comparing groups:
-       Between-group PCA
-       Canonical variate analysis (CVA)
-       Tests of difference in means

7 March 2018

Co-variation between size and shape:

-       Allometry, regression and general linear models

Co-variation between shapes:

-       Partial least squares analysis (PLS)
-       Modularity and integration

8 March 2018

Combining analyses in a basic workflow:

-       Preliminary assessment of data quality
-       Typical basic workflow

Expanding the basic workflow: variation in geographic space

Expanding the basic workflow: association between shape and environmental 

9 March 2018

Expanding the basic workflow: elements of phylogenetic comparative analyses

Review and open discussion

Presentation of attendees’ analyses on their own data

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