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27 de junio de 2011

Morphometrics course from the University of Manchester

Analysis of Organismal Form

An introduction to morphometrics, delivered as a Web-based course

7 November – 16 December 2011

Instructor: Chris Klingenberg

The fee for the course is GBP 260.00 for external participants (those not enrolled in a course of study at the University of Manchester).

Course web site:

The deadline for pre-registration for this year's course is 18 September 2011.

Lecture Content

The unit will be taught primarily via the web, with various opportunities for exchange and discussion.

  • Data acquisition: the kinds of data and the equipment used to collect them.
  • Definitions of size and shape
  • Geometric methods to characterise shape from a configuration of landmark points
    (Procrustes superimposition)
  • Statistics of variation, scatter plots, basic multivariate statistics
  • Principal component analysis
  • Measurement error and outliers
  • Shape transformations and 'warping' -- the thin plate spline
  • Analysis of outline shapes
  • Distinguishing between groups (taxonomy, clinical diagnosis, etc.)
  • Allometry and size correction
  • Influence of external factors on shape (ecomorphology, dose-response studies)
  • Symmetric forms and measurement of asymmetry.
  • Morphometric inferences on developmental processes
  • Morphological integration, modularity
  • Genetics of shape: analyses of resemblance between relatives, QTL analyses.
  • Phylogeny: reconstructing the evolution of shape

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